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Change – it’s everywhere – and it’s usually very difficult. In fact, most organizational change initiatives fail. A key factor impacting performance is change – for both organizations and for individuals.

Performance Plus Group provides services to help you and your organization enhance performance while successfully navigating change. Our services focus on leadership development and organizational change, which have been described as the “real work” of successful organizations.

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Demystifying the Role of the Board in Relation to Organizational Culture


“Organizational culture is how things get done around here.” – Deal and Kennedy

Organizational culture has been a popular topic for decades. Many now agree that culture is very important, that it can be managed, and that the board needs to be not only informed, but also involved. Where there is less agreement is how the board should be informed and involved vis-à-vis organizational culture. It is a complex area, and should not be underestimated. Research suggests that shifting an organization’s culture is the most difficult change initiative undertaken by organizations. Culture is a critical success factor for the organization, and the board must be appropriately engaged. The aim of this blog is to provide guidance for boards of directors in relation to culture and the board’s role with the following seven steps. (more…)


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