Focusing on Change and Performance

Many organizations have discovered the value and benefits of coaching, including over 50% of Fortune 500 companies. Coaching encourages high-functioning executives and managers to bridge the gap to their next level of success. Coaching gives them the opportunity to strengthen specific skills such as interpersonal skills, decision making, and communication.

We help people who want to develop or strengthen their leadership skills. But often they need to develop their resilience first, when they are feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. We offer coaching for both – leadership skills and resilience.

Coaching: “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” — International Coach Federation


self360 Assessments are very effective in identifying what is going well and what the opportunities for development are. Performance Plus Group offers two 360 assessments: Leadership Skills Development and Executive Presence.

Leadership is a very broad field, which involves more than 70 skills. Performance Plus Group begins by developing an understanding of what specific leadership skills are important to the organization and to the individual being assessed. Usually six to eight leadership skills are included in our customized 360 Leadership Skill Development Assessment.

Many executives are looking for coaches to help them enhance their Executive Presence. Performance Plus Group offers an 360 Executive Presence Assessment, which is based on seven key elements.

An assessment prior to coaching is not compulsory. However, we find that an assessment early in the process quickly pays for itself, and helps the individual achieve his/her goals more quickly. We also have a range of self-assessments that we offer to our clients.

Performance Plus Group offers a complimentary 30 minute conversation. We also offer different coaching packages or by-the-hour coaching services.