Presentations, Training and Workshops

Dr. Karen SomervilleDr. Karen Somerville is a popular speaker, trainer and workshop leader. From audiences of 500+ to leadership teams of six, she develops an understanding of what your organization/team is seeking, and then customizes the content. Whether in person, or via a webinar, Karen leaves her audiences with new ways of thinking about change, and ideas to move forward.

Examples of topics include:

  • Organizational change skills? What change skills?
  • Considering a culture shift? Think twice…
  • Take control of org change – use the drivers!
  • Facing resistance to org change? Focus on readiness!
  • What IS a coaching culture and how do we get one?

“Karen is an incredibly knowledgeable and dynamic speaker who is a master at engaging all types of audiences in any number of topics.  She is a true professional.”
Meredith Heerey, MA, SPHR