What DO we do about our organizational culture in the midst of this Pandemic?

As a Certified Organizational Culture specialist, I am being asked a lot of questions about organizational culture since the COVID-19 Pandemic broke out. Here are some examples of the questions that are emerging:

– How do we maintain our culture with everyone working from home?

– Our culture had problems before the Pandemic – is this a good time to try to fix it now that people are working from home?

– We may continue to work from home permanently. How do we build a new culture with everyone working remotely?

– We’ve been working from home since March. What is our culture now?

– Even our board’s culture has changed – and not for the better. What can we do about that?

Is culture on your mind? Have you been so focused on other critical elements of your business during this Pandemic that you have been avoiding dealing with culture?

Culture is key to your organization’s performance. If you’ve been procrastinating about your organization’s culture, don’t wait any longer.

© Dr. Karen Somerville, PhD, C. Dir., MBA, CPA, CGA, CEC

Karen has more than 25 years of experience as a leader and has worked in all three sectors – the private sector, the public sector and the non-profit sector. She has served on many boards throughout her adult life. Karen holds a PhD in Management, an MBA, a Chartered Director designation, a Certified Executive Coach designation and CPA/CGA designations. She is also a CTT Certified Consultant, qualified to use the cultural transformation tools available from the Barrett Values Centre, a global leader in values and culture. Karen is the President of Performance Plus Group: www.performanceplusgroup.com .