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Is your Organization Facing Change Fatigue and/or Employee Burnout?

As an executive coach, and management consultant, I regularly hear about change fatigue and employee burnout. These issues are real, and often take a great toll on people in the organization — and the organization’s ability to be successful. Here are a couple of tips to help with this: – Make a list of all […]

Struggling with Organizational Change? Research Shows an Executive Coach May be the Answer for You

We’ve moved beyond change being a constant in today’s organizations. “Organizational turbulence” has increasingly become part of today’s everyday experience. The negative impact can be significant, e.g., poor performance, difficulty coping with uncertainty, stress, anxiety, longer work weeks, lack of confidence, etc. Many have turned to executive coaching as a way not just to cope, […]

Organizational Politics – A Necessary Skill for Managers and Leaders!

Organizational politics exist in every organization. Many view politics as a fact of life. But often organizational politics is a taboo subject – many people simply will not discuss organizational politics. They are often considered the “dark” side of the organization. However, it is important to recognize that many political actions are regarded as positive, […]

2016: It’s Time to Move Beyond Change Management and Embrace Organizational Change

Most agree that change is typically very challenging for organizations. Even the language of change is challenging for many. This article will clarify three terms related to change: change management, change leadership and organizational change. It will also address why change management is not enough, and why organizations need to embrace organizational change.

Coaching: Is an Assessment a Good Investment?

As a Certified Executive Coach (CEC), one of the things that I get asked about regularly is whether an assessment should be conducted as part of the coaching experience.  Some coaches don’t use any assessments; some coaches will only coach after an assessment has been done; many coaches consider assessments as optional.